IB ceremony

September 2018

On Friday evening, 13 proud first-year students gathered in the Soos to receive their well-earned IB-Certificate for English A Language and Literature and their Senior TTO Certificate.  Ms. van der Bilt prepared a personal speech for every student in which she made a comparison between the flowers in a garden and the characters of all students.
Dalton is very proud of the 2018 IB cohort and wishes them all the best at university.


The introduction of Ms Van der Bilt’s speech

15 in a (flower) bed – written in Floriography – the language of flowers

Once upon a time there was a barren and stricken strip of wasteland in a land, oh not so far away from here. The soil was a dark dead-brown and the water running through it was troubled and cloudy. Like giant Clockworks, industries of all kinds had sprung up around it. The factories of statistics and usefulness were bashing and clanging, day and night, hailing efficiency as the Greater Good. People became slaves to the well-trodden path of expectations. Life lived along the fringes at breakneck speed.

Sometimes an old woman sat silently on the rickety bench parked at the edge of the uncultivated and forgotten strip of Potential. She would sigh, as she had known the pleasures of all adventures imaginable, in books, and poetry passed on by word of mouth. And she had sought the truth of them wandering around the world, like any World’s wife was wont to do.