All pupils passed!

``I am incredibly proud of this cohort``

The results of the IB exams are in and all pupils passed!

I am incredibly proud of this cohort! The IB journey has not been an easy one for this lot but all managed to pass. Today I say ‘well done’, ‘high five’, ‘way to go’ to

Wessel (HL), Sophie (SL), Maud (SL), Lizzy (SL), Larissa (HL), Juliëtte (HL), Hugo (SL), Frank (HL), Femke v B (SL), Femke P (SL), Chemée (HL), Charlotte (HL), Cal (HL), Adam (HL),

IB is a programme that demands a lot of our bilingual pupils. The pupils are required to showcase in-depth understanding of literary texts, non-fiction texts and of aspects of how language changes and is used for effect. It requires dedication and a way of thinking and producing detailed work that is often not demanded anywhere else in the Dutch curriculum.

Dalton still has a 100% pass rate and all credit must go to the pupils who always pull it off, even when IB might seem overwhelming at the start of their two-year programme.

Dalton will welcome all these pupils back for there IB graduation ceremony on Friday 28 September 2018