High tea 2018

The preperations for the high tea started after the first break. We all gathered the materials that were of essence for the activities from the different groups. After this, things escalated pretty quickly. The tables were set and the tea was being made and poured into some cans that were later served to the guests.
Here you see Milan Kroes serving some people and the opening speech from the hosts:

The activities started with a speech from ms. van de Gevel. Then the escape room was explained by Kosuke Kitai who is also the creator of the game. You were supposed to gather all sorts of hints to solve one final puzzle. The first person to solve the puzzle would be the winner.
The next activities varied from an amazing performance from the violin to arm wrestling and of course all of the food that had to be eaten. Compliments to all the bakers for making a lot of delicious food. .