De Dalton educational escape room

On 4 and 5 June all 3 TTO pupils were challenged to solve an escaperoom built by eight 5th year pupils. The escape room was the end result of a PWS (profiel werkstuk) project that looked at how education might be experienced or organised differently. The puzzles in the escaperoom covered elements from subjects in the 3rd-year curriculum. The third year pupils revised their learning and the fifth year pupils learned about offering knowledge in a different format, and sneakily went back over what they once learned too. The working language was English, something our pupils will encounter more and more in their working lives.

The PWS process involved an application, workshops on escape rooms, dividing tasks and working together, planning time and budget. The group organised a few try-out sessions too, during which pupils from Hofstad , parents and teachers tested the room. The project was made possible by a subsidy from HCO and Haagse Onderwijs Vernieuwing.

In the end three groups managed to solve the puzzles and escape from the murdering hands of Abigail – a fictional ninth child of the architect, Co Brandes, who designed the school.